3 Steps To Design The Life & Work You Love

3 Steps To Design The Life & Work You Love

3 Steps To Design The Life & Work You Love

What does your IDEAL work day look like?

Could it look like a day at the beach?

For years, I dreamed of doing the work that I do today and this week, I’m spending three days in Panama, working on the next 12 months plan for one of my dear clients.

I flew in, especially for our work together and we have designed three days. Day 1 is  a day of IDEATION and putting all the pieces on the table. Day 2 is a DAY IN — a day to be with what there is, a day of relaxation.  For us, it means a day on a beautiful island, swimming and spending time together. Day 3 is a DAY of planning, of seeing what stayed with us and how to move forward.

But that is about my work.

What does your IDEAL work look like?

What does your IDEAL life look like?


Let me help you find out! Here are 3 steps you can take:


  1. STEP 1 – Design Your Day: Grab a piece of paper and write down an imaginary journal entry. Pretend you are waking up on an ideal Tuesday (work day) and describe everything that happens that day. You can start with: “I wake up and have XYZ for breakfast with XYZ…” You get the picture. Describe what you eat, who you eat it with, what kind of clothes you wear, what kind of house you live in, who is in your life, what kind of work you do, etc. The more details the better.
  2. STEP 2 – Design Your Work: What would you do for FREE all day long? Understanding that we can use our unique skills and turn them into our business is the first step towards designing a life and work we love.  Make a list of all the things that you do and that you take for granted. Include the things you LOVE helping people with and the things people always go to you for help with.
  3. STEP 3 – Design Your Positioning: Now, let’s put it together. The fact that you love doing something does not necessarily mean that people would want it. Next to each of the things you LOVE to do, be creative and think of problems that people have that might need that skill. Think of jobs or solutions that are sold in the marketplace. Then look at writing your unique talent as a solution to one of these problems.


I believe that you CAN design a life and work that you love –a life that is fulfilling, exciting AND financially abundant!

Here’s a worksheet that might help you in your exploration:



Go ahead, do the work and let’s figure out how to design the life and work you love! Come and let us know in our FACEBOOK group.

In Clarity,








Dolores Hirschmann is an internationally recognized strategist, Clarity coach, TEDxOrganizer, Speaker & Author. She has over 20 years experience helping entrepreneurs, companies & organizations realize their potential—by guiding them to CLARITY—to define their CORE IDEA, message and market strategy needed to reach their next level of growth. As a Speaker Coach Dolores guides speakers to go from successful professionals to thought leaders in their field. If you would like to learn more visit: www.mastersinclarity.com or download her free resource “STAND OUT THE TED WAY”