Are you sharing your song?

Are you sharing your song?

Are you sharing your song?

So, what song do you carry inside? At every moment, every day, we are having an impact on the people around us, what do you want this impact to be? Let’s design it:

  • ANCHOR IN POSSIBILITY: Every day we have a choice, we can focus on what’s possible or we can focus on what’s wrong. Each one of us can find these two polar experiences in our daily life. Which one do you choose?
  • BE AWARE: Are you aware of every move you make? Every moment of the day, how are you showing up? Are you the one complaining about everything in your life? Sharing with the first person you run into, everything that is going wrong? Or are you the kind of person that smiles and moves forward, singing down the street, sharing your song? Either version of you is sowing an experience in the world, choose wisely.
  • MARKET YOUR SONG: Now, let’s translate this into your work! Whether you are leading your own business or working for one, are you sharing your song with your coworkers, clients, colleagues? Nothing is more attractive than to show up from a place of authenticity and conscious impact.

Not sure how to find your song? 😉

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