Can you make money doing what you love?

Can you make money doing what you love?

Can you make money doing what you love
So, where can you find these people that, like me, would do their job for FREE?
You can find us everywhere, we are Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Executives in companies that foster this kind of work culture. If you think about it they are authors, TED speakers and people that are out there, standing up for the work that they do and playing a bigger game.
So what do you recognize these people? 
– EASE: They seem to be at ease, work comes easy, they don’t look stressed, they are happy.
– INSPIRING: You ask them about the work that they do and their face lights up. They are passionate in their answer, they are full of life!
– DRIVEN: They seem to accomplish more than all of us combined, they are driven to move forward, to do more, experience more, learn more!
So let’s check in, click on the statement that resonates with you:

If you are not sure which statement is true for you then, sit on it. Ask yourself this question the rest of this week and see what shows up for you.

Have a great rest of your day,

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