Do you trust?

Do you trust?

Trusting is a key characteristic of a successful entrepreneur.


Because entrepreneurs are constantly moving forward into the unknown. They have enough information to make a move but not enough to guarantee success. They are consistently adjusting and taking cues, while at the same time taking action.

TRUST for an entrepreneur can be broken into 3 layers:

1) TRUST OF SELF: Self-confidence is a must in the world of entrepreneurship. But it goes even deeper than that. Entrepreneurs need to feel rock solid confident in themselves to break through the new territory that their business requires.

2) TRUST OF OTHERS: Entrepreneurs, in their role of leaders, need to surround themselves with people they can trust. It is not granted. It requires a commitment from both parties to hold each other’s best interest at heart. When this trust is broken, collaboration is no longer possible. The leader has to take the calculated risk and have confidence in a new employee in order to begin building a trust-based relationship.

3) TRUST THE PLAN: Many entrepreneurs fall into self-doubt daily. This self-sabotages their project. There is NO magic bullet, but committing to a path and seeing it through is critical for a project to succeed. That does not mean ignoring the signs when things need to be adjusted but it does mean not changing course on a daily basis.

So, do you trust?

Would you trust me to guide you through your path of entrepreneurship?

If the answer is YES then let’s talk!

I want to extend an invitation to you, to join CLARITY CIRCLES. Clarity Circles is a community for entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, thought leaders and speakers where we come together as a tribe to:

  • CLARIFY your unique message and positioning in the market (and why not, access TEDx and other stages)
  • DESIGN the strategy that will lead your business growth
  • TAKE ACTION have a step by step map of your road to success

If this sounds like a community you can trust then let’s see if this program is right for you. Simply email me back with the answer to these questions and then SCHEDULE AN INTERVIEW

– How long have you been in business?

– What type of business are you in? Provide a website or online page for us to learn more about your work

– Is speaking part of your growth strategy? Have you ever thought about being a TEDx speaker?

– Where do you want your business to be in 12 months?

– How much did you invest in your business in 2016?




I look forward to supporting YOU in your path to CLARITY,

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