Getting out of Your Own Way

Getting out of Your Own Way

Getting out of Your Own Way

Do you feel like you are getting in YOUR OWN WAY?

What about feeling that there are areas in your life that you keep coming back to the beginning, back where you started, even if you try SO HARD to move ahead?

Mia Hewett knows all about this.

She has spent her career studying and working with self-destructive patterns of behavior — that unconscious action that makes your perfectly build world crumble down.

For me, I struggle with my sticking to a healthy lifestyle. As soon as I start feeling great, I’ll mess it up and start the cycle of unhealthy patterns all over again. I’m 46!!!!!

Where does it show up for you?

In this interview, Mia shares what makes us get in our own way and HOW we can break these destructive patterns.

Mia Hewett is the Founder of Aligned Intelligence™. She helps Small Business Owners come into Alignment within themselves, so they can stop surviving their life and start thriving, by creating the impact they truly desire and making more money in less time.

Some of my favorite parts of the interview:

    • Minute 3:39 she talks about what every successful entrepreneur has
    • Minute 13:19 how she describes what’s holding us stuck
  • Minute 32:49 she talks about what she needed to overcome to break down her pattern

Mia’s favorite book?

“The science of getting rich” by Wallace D. Wattles

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