How do you know what your customer wants?

How do you know what your customer wants?

How do you know what your customer wants

You might not know, but in 1996, when I graduated from Business School from Universidad de San Andrés, in Buenos Aires Argentina we were required to write a graduating paper, graduating thesis.

The title of my thesis (in spanish) was: “Marketing on the Internet, Relationship Marketing”

Yes, this was before Amazon, before Social media… actually I was one of 30 people, in the whole country, that had access to the Internet!

It’s been over 20 years from that paper and the hypothesis I researched then, still holds strong today!

The Internet will bring back the customer experience we used to have when we shopped in the 1800. The feeling that when you walk into a shop, the shop keeper knows you by name, knows what you need, and is anticipating your needs. I stated this BEFORE SOCIAL MEDIA and many of the systems we have today to anticipated our customer’s needs.

So, how DO YOU anticipate customers needs? By having a CONVERSATION with them. Asking them what they need!

This can be done:

    • Using social media and engaging in a conversation with your audience by answering to their questions and commenting on their comments 😉
    • You can do market research by calling prospect clients, hosting focus groups and running polls online
  • One tool I love for learning about  my clients is a tool called INTERACT which allows you to conduct different kinds of assessments and quizzes to collect needed data.

What I love about INTERACT is that I could very easily create an assessment (I created one in just 30 minutes) that engaged my audience in a conversation that resulted in 10 consultations for my services.


    • Very easy to use, their interface is intuitive and dynamic
    • It integrates with  my CRM so leads go straight into my database and feed right into the nurturing funnel
    • It integrates with facebook ads so I can have a quiz be promoted and collect leads in facebook
  • It has built in images and features that helped me, without the need of a developer team, create attractive and interactive experiences for my clients and add them to my website, emails and other platforms


I would love to learn how you engage with your customers, how you create a unique experience for your clients using technology.

Dolores Hirschmann is leading IDEAPRENEURS to CLARITY of IDEA, communications & growth strategy. Learn more at

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