How do you make people feel?

How do you make people feel?

Let’s explore how YOU make people feel.

DARE TO ASK: Reach out to clients, colleagues, friends and family. (Maybe have a survey at one of your speaking engagements.) Ask people who have EXPERIENCED YOU the following questions:
What ONE word would you choose to describe me?
How would you describe our interactions/conversations? Our work together?
IF YOU ARE A SPEAKER: What was the one thing you learned from my presentation?

DESIGN YOUR AUDIENCE EXPERIENCE: What if we could literally DESIGN how we make our audience feel? This is what I focus on during my LAND YOUR TEDx STAGE SPEAKER PROGRAM. The goal is to meet our audience where they are–and consciously design the journey we invite them to take–so when we part ways, we have INTENTIONALLY CREATED a memorable experience for them.

I would love to learn how YOU make people feel. Have a great day!

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