In Trust & Gratitude

In Trust & Gratitude

In trust and gratitude

LONG VIDEO ALERT – but worth it!

So, this is what it takes to realize your dreams:

  • COMMITMENT: Declare what you want, commit to your vision, walk past your obstacles… success begins in your mind and in your heart.
  • TRUST: What if that which you are struggling with, is your opportunity for growth? What if it’s a gift wrapped in brown paper? Begin leaning into what is possible and when faced with a challenge ask yourself, why is this happening FOR me?
  • SHARE: Your dream starts with you, but many times, like the story of this church, it lives on through others. What if you are simply called to start your movement/ organization/ company? Know when to let go, share.

As you sit around your Thanksgiving table today, if you are celebrating, be grateful for the opportunity to do the work that you do and trust that everything in your life right now, is exactly as it needs to be for you to fulfill your purpose.

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