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THE IDEA METHOD: A Framework for CLARITY in Business Growth
This topic, ideal for C-Level executives and entrepreneurs, introduces participants to a method that allows them to align their marketing, sales, and overall communication tactics to the CORNERSTONE IDEA of their business. Participants walk away with a framework that offers consistent clarity for action and decision making.
WHY THIS TOPIC? I’m inspired to help communicators, entrepreneurs, and businesses move from selling to servicing. To move from talking about what they do to talking about what they stand for. To strive to inspire and not add more noise to a crowded marketplace.

1) Opportunity to clarify the core message of their business so that it better communicates the true essence of what the company does
2) Participants walk away with a framework that offers consistent clarity for action and decision making
3) Learn how to deliver coherent messaging, brand awareness, and presence for their company in the marketplace

TRUST FUNNELS: Creating a TRUST BASED experience that inspires clients to stick around!
This topic, ideal for sales & marketing teams and entrepreneurs, introduces participants to the concept of TRUST FUNNELS. Participants will learn the difference between a SALES FUNNEL and a TRUST FUNNEL. They will understand how to create an environment where a sale happens as a natural process of building a successful trust-based relationship. Participants will walk away with clear action items they can implement in their business right away.
WHY THIS TOPIC? We must embrace the transparency in the marketplace and use it to our best advantage. Helping companies design and honor their values and code of conduct while staying anchored in their core idea at every level of the organization will result in a cohesive customer experience that will lead to trust and loyalty. I’m inspired to help companies create environments where customers feel safe and want to stick around.

1) A big picture view of how every action we take and every connection we make within our market is a piece of a TRUST puzzle that we are building
2) Understanding that we are not MARKETING to an audience, we are inviting them into a conversation
3) Converting a lead into a client is the result of a well implemented TRUST building strategy

18 MINUTES OF IMPACT: Moving from delivering information to engaging your audience
This topic is designed for decision-makers, C-level executives, sales teams, and entrepreneurs. Participants will learn a step-by-step framework that will help them create presentations that engage and move their audiences to action. They will understand that every time they are in front of an audience they are responsible for an EMOTIONAL experience, and they will learn how to craft the message AND the experience into a seamless talk that uses both relevant storytelling, data, and case studies.
WHY THIS TOPIC? We live in a world where information is available and can be delivered in an efficient and productive way. Leaders DO NOT NEED to deliver ALL the information in each presentation. Their job is to trigger their audience emotionally so that they can embrace the topic intellectually.

1) When we are clear of our message, we can deliver that message effectively in under 18 minutes
2) We must focus on one core IDEA and use stories to support that idea, not the other way around
3) The first 60 seconds of a presentation are the most important to ensure the audience is engaged and invested in what you have to say

THE IDEA OF YOU: A Framework for Clarity of Self
The IDEA of YOU is a framework that guides you, layer by layer, through an exploration of who you TRULY are, what you are designed to do, and how to design the life and work you desire. This presentation gives participants a blueprint to design their own internal leadership style. It is through the knowledge of who we are and how we are perceived in the world that we can effectively align our unique leadership styles, strengths, and traits to achieve our goals. This program is designed to promote company engagement and help audiences gain a sense of direction, awareness, and clarity of self.

1) Clarity of life purpose
2) Clarity of who you are as a leader
3) Clarity around how to set goals and set yourself up to achieve those goals

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