THE IDEA OF YOU: Mastering Clarity of Self

Yes, YOU are an IDEA and in this IDEA resides the potential for great things. You have the potential to:

  • IMPACT the world with your work
  • Realize your wildest dreams
  • Build the relationships you’ve been longing for
  • Belong to communities that support you and that you add value
  • Realize the full potential of YOU

In this 3 month program we will guide you through the different layers of exploration where you will discover:

  • Your Values
  • Your Unique Brilliance
  • Your Life’s Work
  • How you show up in the world
  • Who leads you
  • Your Mindset
  • Your Habits
  • Your Goals
  • Your Plan for Action
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A framework for clarity of self

Let's get started!

Dolores Hirschmann & her IDEA OF YOU method will guide you to the design of the next version of you.

SAVE $200 when you purchase this product NOW!