What is your Worst Nightmare?

What is your Worst Nightmare?

Clarity tv Dr Latarsha Holden

Have you ever imagine your WORST CASE SCENARIO?

As an entrepreneur, especially responsible for the financial well-being of our family, sometimes I let my mind go into “worst case scenario” mode.

You know… when you play a horror movie after horror movie in your mind except that these feel real and you have no popcorn? The “what if” party of darkness…

Well, meet Dr. LaTarsha Holden…

All her worst movies came true when she had the courage to leave an abusive relationship with 6 children under her care and no family or resources to support her.

In this interview, Dr Holden shares with us her journey from homeless with six children to going through graduate school, authoring 12 books and becoming a speaker, all in the last 10 years.

I have to say, we really connected in this interview and I’m just letting you know you might want to grab a tissue towards the end.

Oh, and in the interview, she asks me about a resource to navigate getting herself out there as a speaker and I wanted you to have this resourc as well:

18 Minutes of Impact: Move your Audience to Action the TED Way

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