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Dolores brings to the stage a combination of humor, practical tactics and advice.
She will captivate and engage your audience like no other speaker has before.

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Dolores Hirschmann

Private Strategy Session with Dolores

Wish you could spend an entire day with Dolores, or a half day? Having Dolores focus 100% on YOUR BUSINESS?

Dive deep into your scalable business strategist with Dolores. Using the IDEA METHOD as the framework, you can spend a day or ½ day with Dolores and create the blueprint that will take your business to the next level.

Book a Consultation and let’s see if we are a good fit for each other.

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THE IDEA METHOD: A Framework for CLARITY in Business Growth

The IDEA METHOD introduces participants to a method that allows them to align their marketing, sales, and overall communication tactics to the CORNERSTONE IDEA of their business. My goal is to help entrepreneurs re-anchor themselves with the core purpose of their business in order to move forward in an assertive and cohesive way.


1) The opportunity to clarify the core message of their business so that it better communicates the true essence of what the company does

2) A framework that offers consistent clarity for action and decision making

3) The ability to deliver coherent messaging, brand awareness, and presence for their company in the marketplace


TRUST FUNNELS: Creating a TRUST BASED customer journey that inspires clients to buy!

This topic introduces participants to the concept of TRUST FUNNELS. They will understand how to create an environment where a sale happens as a natural process of building a successful trust-based relationship. The audience will walk away with clear action items they can implement in their business right away.


1) How to create an environment where a sale happens as a natural process of building a successful trust-based relationship

2) How to invite a potential lead to a conversation, rather than just marketing to an audience

3) How to create a well implemented TRUST building strategy in order to convert a lead into a client

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18 MINUTES OF IMPACT: Moving from delivering information to engaging your audience

Participants will learn a step-by-step framework that will help them create presentations that engage and move their audiences to action. They will understand that they are responsible for an EMOTIONAL experience, and they will learn how to craft the message AND the experience into a seamless talk that uses both relevant storytelling, data, and case studies.


1) Participants will craft a talk they can present to the world

2) Participants will learn how to put presentations together easily and the best practices in effective presentations including the use of stories and how to integrate data and statistics while keeping the engagement

3) Participants will discover that the first 60 seconds of a presentation are the most important to ensure the audience is engaged and invested in what they have to say

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