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Sarah Endline

Dolores has helped me to embrace my authenticity and to not be afraid to think big.


Elizabeth Murphy

I think that putting yourself out there and saying that I am going to make myself be accountable to someone else when sometimes when you are an entrepreneur and you do not have to do that at all, really can help you grow in new and different ways.


Paula Sacco

You are investing in yourself and your business. It gives you the motivation, the clarity what to focus on, how to do it. It give you accountability.


Peter Mis

I feel she understands my individual needs to fine tune ideas and concepts until you get the clarity and focus will never become actionable, will never become a reality.


Kim Fuller

Dolores really helps you carefully look at yourself and get a little vulnerable, which I think is important for us to do, to really get to the core of where and who we are.


Susan Gordon Ryan

She brings insights and clarity into whatever your business challenges. She really seeks to understand where you are in your business and take her insights and help you move forward in the direction you want.


Susan Sparks

You wanna get clarity? Focus? Make your message laser focused? Call Dolores Hirschmann! I’ve been a professional speaker for fifteen years, yet in one session she took my message and my mission to another level. I highly recommend her!


Maryanne Margiotta

Enjoyed working with you Dolores! You helped me gain a clearer insight into the focus of my message!


Kate Lanagan MacGregor

Dolores has an amazing knack of boiling down all the “stuff” going on, and guides to a clear, focused plan! I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her- my clarity coach!

Lisa Luckett

Lisa Luckett

I met Dolores Hirshmann this past summer during a phone interview as an applicant to speak at the New Bedford TEDx Talk 2016 that she was organizing.  The combination of Dolores’ intelligence, enlightened thinking, professionalism and enthusiasm to bring the TEDx project to life, along with her intriguing and sultry Argentinean accent, positive energy and overall warmth radiated through the phone line.  I liked her immediately! As I’ve gotten to know her these past 4 months, it has become clear that she has extensive experience that has led to valuable and comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of entrepreneurship, marketing, public speaking and writing. Dolores’ easy intelligence, creative, out-of-the-box thinking along with her kind and wonderful demeanor make it a pleasure to work with her on any project.  I can’t say enough about this generous and talented lady.  It’s been an honor to know and work with her this year!

James OKeefe

James O Keefe

Dolores has been a unique and insightful coach in providing me feedback on how to get my “idea worth spreading” on a TEDx stage. She has wealth of experience and connections in the TED universe. Dolores gave me practical advice and specific tips to help hone my message and clarify the idea. She also showed me the importance of making the presentation flow as a story so as to engage the audience and draw them in with humor and interactive techniques. Finally, Dolores taught me the importance of communicating my passion for the topic, and how to make sure the message & story resonate with the emotions and hearts of the listeners. In my considered opinion, you won’t find a better resource for teaching you how to engage with an audience, and deliver and impactful message that makes a lasting impression on an audience; Dolores is THE BEST!

Cassandra Fox

Cassandra Fox

Working with Dolores gave me the confidence I needed to stay focused and share with my audience my passion to help students and unite the community. I aspired to encourage and proclaim people’s greatness through my words, passion and talents, and I became a more confident speaker after working with Dolores. She helped me merge and marry all my ideas into a clear statement, so that people could grab a hold of my ideas and understand how much I love to connect people and make them feel great and empowered.  I highly recommended Dolores to anyone who needs a clear direction in the way they express themselves and wants to walk away feeling confident that people will respond and understand their ideas, and that their words will propel the audience to the place the speaker wants to take them. Dolores is truly an expert on how to take your heart’s ideas and express them, so that people can grow with you and join in your message.

Fabienne Fredrickson

Fabienne Fredrickson

Dolores helped me get clear on the title and topic of my talk. In helping me with my TEDx Talk she was able to see the real essence of what I do and I’m incredibly grateful. Thank you Dolores

Dennis Miller

Dennis C. Miller

I have enjoyed and benefited greatly from my work with Dolores this past year. Dolores helped me clarify my message and taught me how best to finish my presentations. She has a very confident and easy manner about herself that is highly engaging. Dolores is an excellent communications coach and I would highly recommend her to any executive who speaks frequently in business.

Imad Jbara

Imad Jbara

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me on behalf of my coaching career, I truly appreciated the advice and saw the value that it held. You broke down the steps in order to achieve my goals in a clear way and encouraged me as well. I cannot wait to get out and start making these actions happen, and I will definitely be in contact on my progress in making this a reality.

Sandra Giraldo

Sandra Giraldo

Dolores’ workshops are an amazing way to improve public speaking. Before I started working with Dolores, I was not only too nervous but had a speech (for my upcoming presentation) that was lacking life and my personal touch, I knew my topic very well, but the way I was trying to share it was not engaging the audience. After Dolores’ workshop, I learned how to make my presentation a personal story that engaged my participants and gave much more value to my product. I totally recommend Dolores’ workshops, she can see what we’re hiding deep in our minds and gets our hearts to express the real person that we want people to see and feel resonance with.

Precious L. Williams, Esq.

I am so glad that I got to be coached by the incomparable Dolores!  Like most entrepreneurs, I am blessed with great vision but sometimes fear gets in my way.  I was procrastinating about taking my business in a new direction and now I know that I can and have done so without fear!  Dolores is awesome and will get you out of your own way!  Before working with Dolores, I felt stuck and indecisive about a new growth opportunity for Curvy Girlz Lingerie.  Now, I am much more clear and have a focused roadmap that took my from stuck to unstoppable!  Dolores helped me clarify my goals, explore new growth strategies for Curvy Girlz LIngerie and with overall sense of happiness. If you are stuck, you need Dolores.  Not only is she a coaching Master but she made me a believer in the power of coaches to hold your feet to the fire and see that anything is possible if you take action, plan thoroughly and move quick.

Bailey Frumen

Bailey Frumen

Dolores has been so incredibly supportive and helpful for me as I crafted my TedX talk. Not only was Dolores very open and vocal about her feedback but she was also a great sounding board to help me synthesis what I was trying to say, what I was trying to put out into the world, down to short, actionable, and really compelling words that were going to help me to land my TedX talk. I can’t say enough about what it’s like to work with Dolores. Not only is she above par when it comes to customer service but I can definitely say that Dolores goes the extra mile from her Facebook group, but also her social media presence as well. She was quick and ready to support me when it came to liking my page, following me and commenting on the things that I was doing. It was just really nice to know that I had Dolores in my corner and for her to be guiding me the whole time along the way. Even when it came to me pitching my talk and getting feedback afterwards, when I was done with my work with Dolores it wasn’t as if we were done. She stayed on me, she made sure that I accomplished my goals and even more than that she was again super accessible and I can’t say enough about that.

Krysten Callina

Krysten Callina

Public speaking is never easy. As someone who has had to learn to be outgoing, the idea of standing up in front of people is always a challenge for me. When I was a young girl, I was so shy that my mom enrolled me in theater arts. By putting on a character, I was able to find my voice. But when it came to presentations for my business the nerves would take hold.

Dolores’s workshop put me at ease. She helped me focus on my motivation for telling my story rather than the requirements that I needed to cover. This helped me think of my presentation as a performance – storytelling – which helped me find my voice. As a result, I was much more confident during my presentation.

The instruction and interactive nature of Dolores’s workshop got to the heart of what each of us needed. She was warm, friendly and reassuring and it felt like she was there to help rather than just there to tell us what to do. This give and take style was so refreshing and uplifting and got the participants working together and helping one another. The atmosphere of positivity was infectious.

I would recommend Dolores’s workshops to anyone looking to give their participants real tangible results in improving their public speaking techniques. It was a pleasure be a part of her class.