3 strategies to understand your clients growing needs
At Masters in Clarity we have our own story. We know if we guide our clients to CLARITY, they will want to take ACTION. When they begin taking ACTION they will need IMPLEMENTATION to get things done. Once they IMPLEMENT they will gain MORE CLIENTS and once that happens they will need CLARITY around their
the key to business growth

The key to business growth

Next month I’m celebrating my 5 year anniversary with one of my dear clients, Ebony! YES!!! 5 years working together. You might think… What makes her stick around? It’s my looks… well not really ;-). It’s the strategy we have to serve our clients powerfully beyond our first engagement. Ebony is not alone…. Jane, Suzanne,
Are you in it for the long term
The goal with marriage is to create a bond that lasts a lifetime. One that is full of happiness, trust, and respect. When you’re growing a business, the relationships you want to develop with your clients are not all that different. Once you’ve sealed the deal with your leads, you’ll need a plan of action
walk down the aisle

Walk down the aisle…

The goal with a first date is to make it to a second right? It’s time to ask yourself – is my business second date material? Like dating, building trust is crucial to growing your business. Think about this – when you go to purchase a product or service online, who do you buy from?
I had a crush on a boy

I Had a Crush on a Boy

Many years ago, I had a crush on a boy.. Shhh don’t tell my husband! I remember how I desperately wanted him to ask me out. I knew everything about him but I’m not sure he knew I existed. I would talk about him with my friends, would lie on my bed and listen to
How Do You Show Up?

How Do You Show Up?

Right now I’m living in what I would call a “construction” zone. We are in the middle of painting our home and chaos lives all around me. Yesterday, I couldn’t even find my keys. 🙂 Maybe you aren’t dealing with a major home project right now, but are you feeling the chaos and confusion in
What is your unique brilliance

What is your unique brilliance?

Are you spending 80% of your time doing what you LOVE TO DO and getting properly compensated?    When I first started my business, I struggled with knowing how to define my own niche, my own unique brilliance and the one thing I loved to do AND that people would pay for.    If you
Have you lost your focus?


As I sit and write this piece it’s August and we are in the middle of a Pandemic. Whatever I had laid out clearly and neatly in my 2020 plan (back when I planned my year ahead in December 2019) is out the window. Monthly sales goals. Gone. Quarterly projects. Gone. Product launches. Gone. Travel


How many IDEAS do you have stored in your “back pocket”? If you are an entrepreneur like me, you are constantly brainstorming new IDEAS. You write them down on pieces of paper, you put them in a google docs, store them in Asana or better yet – jot them down on a napkin in desperation
3 Tips to Hold the Vision & Trust the Process
I am sitting at my desk, it’s 9 AM and my calendar is free of appointments this morning. Actually, if I am honest, most of my mornings looked like that in the first few years of my business. I might have 2 maybe 3 client calls a day but the rest of the day was
Online Dating

Online Dating

Have you tried online dating? I got married in 1997, so I have not, but many of my friends have tried it with great success. So I asked them what are the rules of online dating are and they answered: Don’t share too much too soon Don’t meet in person until you feel you can
Are you all in?

Are you ALL in?

I’m sitting by the beach today. I had an opportunity to work at a friend’s beach cottage and I took it! I’ve been asking myself lately what does it mean to be all in? What does committing to my message and my work look like, really? Is there room for second-guessing? For playing small? For
How to build relationships with your market and grow your business
Do you trust me? Your answer is probably… Maybe? I’m not sure? I don’t know enough about you yet. Or simply NO, I don’t trust you. Why would I? I don’t know you. I believe that in life and in business TRUST is at the core of any human interaction and is the KEY INGREDIENT
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How are you feeling

How are you feeling?

I have spent the last two weeks talking with hundreds of business owners about what they are experiencing right now! After being a guest speaker this week I took stock of what business owners are saying and asking. (There were over 500 people in this webinar searching for answers – can you relate?) “My customers


STOP Stop reading the news every 5 minutes. Stop counting how many people are infected or dead. Stop trying to be hyperproductive. Stop being resistant to what is going on. Stop praying that everything goes back to the way it was.  Stop buying toilet paper… might be a bit late for that request though 😉
We are family & families stick together
Today I put on a jacket and I laid down on the grass outside. It is still chilly, here in Massachusetts,  but the sun was out and I just needed to feel the warmth on my face. To feel safe. To feel whole. The noise has stopped on the outside but it continues inside of
3 Strategies To Pivot in a Crisis

3 Strategies To Pivot in a Crisis

Is your world upside down right now? Mine is: So here are 3 Strategies to lean into the opportunity that this crisis brings to your business: CREATIVITY: This is a time of disruption, across the board. EVERYTHING is being disrupted as is your company. So make a list of all the ways you are delivering
A conversation with Heather Vickery
We had the honor of interviewing Heather Vickery, the author of Gratitude Journal: Shift Your Focus and Grow Grateful: A Gratitude Journal for Kids and Families, and the host and executive producer of The Brave Files Podcast. Heather inspires audiences and empowers attendees with the tools they need to live bold and successful lives through