Online Blueprints

You need guidance to take action quickly

You know what you need for your business, you just need to learn:

  • Best practices
  • How to’s
  • Scripts, templates 
  • And to follow a plan

That is why at Masters in Clarity we have created a resource of online programs to help you address SPECIFIC needs your business might need right now.


Clarify your message Grow your Business


Clarify your message so that you can get clients and make $10,000 a month or more in your business. 

A TED-Based Speaking Strategy that allows you to clarify your message and position your business as the GO TO LEADER in your industry.

  • Stop feeling self doubt and become CONFIDENT in your message!
  • With each STEP, you will gain clarity in your message and how to reach your ideal clients with it.
  • TED Talks have proven that a CLEAR message WORKS! CLARIFY YOUR MESSAGE & GROW 10x!



$47.- Special price

Write Your Talk Program


SPEAKING is the FASTEST WAY to grow your business. And the...

 7 STEPS TO WRITE YOUR TALK... is the way to write a talk that CONVERTS.

The difference between the 7 STEPS TO WRITE YOUR TALK and other speaking frameworks, is that this PROVEN framework helps the speaker CONNECT with the audience, INSPIRE them to take action and CONVERTS your audience into followers and CLIENTS

Best part of all, it doesn’t require you to have experience as a SPEAKER. My clients have called this a "PAINT BY NUMBER" speaking framework. 

And it will give you FREEDOM, financial abundance and the capacity to USE THE STAGE to GET CLIENTS. 

So, if you want to SPEAK to GET CLIENTS, then you want to EXPLORE THE WRITE YOUR TALK PROGRAM. 



  • You are a service business owner, helping your clients improve their lives, grow professionally, etc
  • You are looking to grow in a consistent and planned way
  • You need to implement a clear marketing strategy
  • You are tired of “hiring” vendors to get leads with no consistent results
  • Your business is working and you have great reviews but you are a BEST KEPT SECRET or so it feels... 
  • You are looking to grow FAST


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