Dolores Hirschmann

Interview with Dolores

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment and resulting “compelling story” that brought me to where I am today, coaching people like you on gaining CLARITY and designing the strategy you need to move your career to the next level. That defining moment in my life happened a few years ago. I was in a business meeting where I was negotiating a consulting job and in the middle of the meeting I broke into tears. I was negotiating my contribution to a project, a team and I was not able to state my case because I was completely lost in myself. I had lost my sense of self and I no longer knew what I wanted to do nor what was next for me. As a mother of four, juggling life and work, I had been going from job to job or contract to contract without a clear understanding of where I was going, what were my goals and where I wanted to be in 1 year or 5 years.

I work with entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, coaches, IDEAPRENEURS ™ as I call them, who are committed to making an impact in the world and are looking to reach the next level in their business. They need to clarify their vision and their goals, develop strategies and action plan to move forward. They need to move from talking about what they do to talking about what they stand for.

I work with both Men & Women:

I have worked with clients in a wide scope of industries, yet, if I haven’t worked in your field, you are not at a disadvantage, quite to the contrary. Coming with a curious eye and lots of questions supports you in looking at your market and your company from a new, fresh perspective. This leads to powerful conversations and opens opportunities that were not there before. Having worked in multiple industries, also gives me experience to offer strategies used in other industries that might not have been tried out in yours. Because of this, the ideation, business development, strategy phase of our work becomes fueled with creative energy that leads to new and untapped opportunities.

Both through my formal training and my experience I’ve been in the shoes of my clients. I’ve started companies, I’ve led teams within corporations and I’ve been the visionary looking to turn an idea into a reality in the market. All this paired with my coaching skills allows me to truly understand what my clients are going through as well as offer a overall picture of their situation. I also bring to the mix knowledge and expertise on the speaking market as a TED participant and TEDx organizer and speaker coach.

As a woman and mother of four, I also learned to design the balance that is required to succeed in both business and life. Many of my clients both men and women need support in an overall coaching program, one that includes all parts of their lives.

I don’t work with everyone. I focus my work on high achievers who have the drive and vision to aspire to new stages of growth. Because my focus is very narrow, what you get with me is no-nonsense, undiluted expertise on what works for reaching your goals. I’ve simply become an expert at this stuff and that’s why my clients, groups and audiences get great results. My approach is straight-forward and to the point. I’m a power coach, I hold your vision and I’m relentless in the pursuit of the best version of you, the client, at all time. I hold excellence as my goal for my clients and myself.

My workshops, products and programs are created for people who are driven and have the vision to know that there is more for them in both their life and the work that they do. They are passionate enough about their work that they have the courage and commitment to challenge themselves to lead the change they want for their companies. These programs are created for you to gain CLARITY and put systems in place within a few months (sometimes weeks!), which will eventually lead you to consistently getting the best version of yourself, align your team towards common values and consistently take CLEAR action towards your current goals with a CLEAR vision and CLEAR strategy. All these systems will not only impact your immediate bottom line but will help you redesign your life as a whole so that you can be fully present and successful both in your personal and professional life.

Please know I’m very selective in who I work with and I carefully pick my clients, choosing to (gently) turn away people who aren’t suited for my programs and won’t get the results for which they would have signed up for. (It wouldn’t be fair to them.)

My programs are NOT for those who are uncomfortable challenging themselves or who are looking to solve their challenges from the outside in. What I bring is not a quick fix pill, it’s a commitment to up-level yourself and thus the life around you. If you fall within this category, it’s absolutely OK. We’ve all been there at times when we are too tired of fighting and we just want our problems to be solved by someone else. Here is something I can offer you if you are looking to grow but afraid of shaking “the tree” (LINK AL FREE BOOK):

Ask yourself where do you want to be in 6 months. (Describe your typical day, the more details the better)

Sign up for my FREE OFFER (LINK TO FREE RESOURCES) on my site or follow my blogs. I’m currently creating new FREE resources to support anyone in their journey of gaining CLARITY and growing.
Make a list of the people you admire. What about them call your attention? Do you have any of these traits? How are they showing up in your world?


This program is designed for you to gain the CLARITY you need to communicate your message, DESIGN the strategy of action and consistently take action.


• Your Business Why – To understand the why behind your work – To connect with what got it all started – To understand your LIFE PURPOSE
• Your IDEA worth sharing – What is the IDEA behind your business? What is the WHAT, defined by your WHY?
• Your Market – Who do you want to be a hero to? – Who needs you?
• Your Message – What language do you use to communicate your value proposition? – Come up with the language that most resonates with your market AND better communicates your IDEA worth sharing. The use of stories in communicating your value proposition
• Your Products – How does YOUR IDEA manifest in the real world? How do you create an impact? What products & services do you need to solve your market’s needs?
• Business Model – Exploring the right business model
• Your Story – Why You? – What makes your company or you stand out? Why are you and your team uniquely qualified to serve this market?
• Setting yourself up for success – Getting clear on who you need to be to succeed

• Finding your clients – Where do your clients live? Where do you meet them? Where do they hang out?
Breaking the ice – How do you engage your clients in a conversation? – Using Social Media and your network to engage in conversations
Intentional Conversations – Getting prospects to chat with you – 10-5-1 strategy/ coffee dates
Reaching prospects in large quantities – Defining the best strategies to reach a larger audience
Building trust – Establishing a conversation with your audience and followers
Partnering for growth – To identify potential partners to serve each other’s audience
Your signature talk & your TEDx Talk – Crafting your signature/ TEDx talk
Closing the room – Strategies to make your talk a powerful lead generator
Exploring TEDx – Exploring & Applying for your TEDx talk
Leading the conversation – Becoming a thought leader
Writing for visibility – Your 30 page self published book
Publishing your book – Publishing your conversation starter book

Getting it all done – Time Management & Boundaries
Leveraging your time – Your unique brilliance and the power of delegating
Tech Solutions – Tech for efficiency

These are the trainings of the CLARITY CIRCLES™ that I’ve created after working with Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches, Thought Leaders & Visionaries to help them gain CLARITY and reach their next level of success.

In addition to these trainings, you will learn hundreds and hundreds of things to lead yourself and your team more easily, to make your time work for YOU, to close the sale without feeling like you’re selling, to work smarter not harder to eliminate the fears and self sabotage holding you back, and set up systems for making more money in your business while enjoying an almost effortless system of growth.

The result of our work is an approach to reaching your next level that works consistently to clarify, design your strategy, plan your tactics and take action towards realizing your vision and maximizing your impact.

You can expect to:

Gain the CLARITY of message and purpose you need to grow your business

Land stages like TEDx and keynotes from where you can reach a larger audience

Increase your revenue/ your earned income

Grow your market

Become the leader in your field – the go to business in your market

Market yourself in such a way that your clients refer you to their networks

Create systems in your life and your company that give you more time for creative work to grow your business or develop your personal life

More fun at home and at work, guaranteed!

Fall in love with your purpose, with your work and with your life

Package your products and services in a scaling way so that your clients stay longer and get better results

Get your clients to promote your business through their testimonials

Reach your ideal clients in large numbers and inexpensively

Work smarter at building your company, not harder

Create new goals for your business every 90 days to keep pulling yourself into your future as opposed to pushing so hard

Stay accountable to these goals and achieve them

Create power referral partnerships and strategic alliances

Create greater exposure and visibility for your business

Learn time saving techniques that will dramatically cut down your learning curve

Automate your systems so that you can maximize your time and your team’s time

This will depend on your commitment to implement and the work you put into the assignments that we give you. That said, virtually all clients see results within the first couple of months in the form of newfound CLARITY, new opportunities, better ways of managing themselves and their teams and going from overwhelm to productivity.

If you are applying to a TEDx stage, it typically takes about 3 months to get CLEAR on your message and begin to apply to speak. You should be selected and speak within 9 months of our work together.

Do all of your assignments and fieldwork. Show up for the group calls, schedule your private coaching calls. Understand that it’s not a “quick fix,” it’s not magic and while you will start seeing results right away, it takes anything from six months to to a year for you to begin realizing your financial growth and start speaking from the stages you want to speak from. All my clients who have diligently worked through the program, showed up for the calls and committed and completed the assignments have successfully landed the stages they want AND realized their business growth, in much less time than they would have on their own.

Yes, a resounding Yes! Many clients are excited to report that they were able to cover their investment in the program through reaching the goals of their company, furthering their career and realizing their next level of growth. Most likely, you will recover and more what you invested in this program in the next 12 months.

What you’re regularly getting with this program (and my coaching) is what I call a series of PINGs or AHAs! that will move you faster than you would on your own. Expect to get a lot of these as well as the resources you’ve been looking for and haven’t found until now. That’s what you’re investing in, CLARITY, results, more revenue, more profit, not just more “information.”

Congratulations on making a decision for success! I’m happy to work with you to guide you to CLARITY and achieve your life & business goals… To get started with reaching your next level here are the different programs and products I’ve created for you:

This group based program will guide you through the process of CLARIFYING your IDEA worth sharing and applying to speak at a TEDx event around the world.

This private program will guide you through the process of CLARIFYING your IDEA worth sharing and applying to speak at a TEDx event around the world. I will work with you, one on one, helping you get CLEAR on your IDEA worth sharing and craft the talk and application you need to get selected.

If you are looking to not only find CLARITY of message and land a TEDx but you are looking to gain the CLARITY, strategies and action plan to grow your business then CLARITY CIRCLES is the program for you.
Our program is designed to give you the coaching, support, clarity, strategies and tactics you need to turn up the volume on your business. We curate our groups carefully to ensure that all participants are aligned and committed to the kind of work we do.
These programs combine coaching with clear, proven business strategies to help you grow your business:

Great! Did you know that one of the most prominent characteristics of successful people is that they take action? They take educated risks, are decisive, take action, and they move forward towards success faster as a direct result of this. It’s a well-known fact these people make decisions based on their gut instinct. So, that being said, since this feels right for you, then go for it.

Here’s what you do: SCHEDULE AN CLARITY CALL  with our team and we’ll walk you through selecting the right program for you. if you have a question, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. I can’t wait to meet you!