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Here are some resources I created for you. These are my gift to you. If you ever need more support, I'm only a phone call away.

Free Resources


Join us to support each other in CLARIFYING YOUR IDEA worth sharing and navigate the process of landing YOUR TEDx & other Stages.


Clarity for Business Growth

You are an entrepreneur, expert, author, speaker, service entrepreneur and you need CLARITY to move forward. You know what you do but how do you communicate it? How do you design a business model that works for your offering? That's where we come in. We are MASTERS in CLARITY. We guide our clients to the CLARITY they need to COMMUNICATE & GROW their IDEA into a profitable business.



What are YOU really about? Can you easily answer the question, tell me about your work? What is YOUR IDEA worth sharing? How are you communicating effectively?



Get CLEAR on your UNIQUE market. Ready to answer the question: Who Do You Want to be a HERO to?



What is your WHY? At the end of the day WHY do you do what you do? What is your IDEA as an IDEAPRENEUR™



How do you monetize your IDEA? What is the model for revenue generating? How do you leverage your resources and implement a strategy for growth?

Running a business requires engaging both sides of our brains. The left brain: the logical, analytical strategic side and the right brain: the creative, passionate and intuitive side.”

About Us

Dolores is a STRATEGIST & COACH. She helps IDEAPRENEURS™ clarify their “idea worth sharing”, design their communications strategies and implement business growth systems. Her clients become speakers, authors and take their message to larger audiences like TEDx and beyond. She works through group coaching, workshops, one on one coaching as well as public speaking. Dolores is a writer and both her novel ”New Beginnings” and her book “18 Minutes of Impact: Move Your Audience to Action the TED Way” are available in Amazon. Dolores is a TEDx Organizer and participant in TED conferences. She is a CTI certified and ICF accredited coach and has a business degree from the Universidad de San Andres, Argentina. Originally from Buenos Aires, Dolores speaks fluent Spanish, English and French and lives in Dartmouth, MA with her husband and four children.
Trust me! I will boost your communication skills.

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Let's explore the best way we can support you in gaining the CLARITY you need to speak from any stage or rock your next Keynote (We call it moving from talking about what you DO to talking about what you STAND FOR) - Design the strategy to MONETIZE your IDEA & take consistent ACTION towards reaching your next stage of GROWTH.

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