Is your message confusing?

Is your message confusing?

Is your message confusing

The next time you are trying to get your point across, try this:  (No matter what the environment!)

  1. AVOID JARGON: Refine your message to its simplest form– if possible use imagery or metaphors. (Engaging your audience’s imagination and connecting emotionally can be the best thing you can do to get your point across!)
  2. LESS IS MORE: Rehearse your message in front of the mirror and then record it using your phone. Try to change some words and re-record. See if you can say it in less time, with fewer words. (Talking faster does NOT count!) <img alt=
  3. GET CLEAR: Make sure YOU are very clear. Nothing comes across more powerfully than a CLEAR IDEA expressed with conviction and passion.

Want to see how CLEAR you really are? TAKE THE CLARITY QUIZ!

I look forward to supporting YOU on your path to CLARITY.

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