Why consistency is good for business

Why consistency is good for business

why consistency

I want to tell you a little bit about CONSISTENCY.  This week, as I was planning to write to you as I do every other Thursday, I was trying to come up with a topic. I thought and thought and nothing really came up, but my “inner boss”; that voice that does not let me get away, kept telling me “It’s Thursday and you HAVE to send a note.”

“Why?,” I asked myself. “Maybe it’s ok if I don’t.”

But this is the thing, as in many things in life, the key to successfully connecting with the people in your life, your family, your friends, your clients, coworkers, an audience is CONSISTENCY.

I don’t know if every person reads this, but I do know that many times, I run into people at events or running errands and they comment on these emails and how some of the things I write resonated in one way or another or at least made them smile.

Having even just one person look forward to these “Thursday” emails is enough of a reason for me to write to you, today.

So why is CONSISTENCY so important? 

Nothing happens if we just show up once. Our children trust us and we keep them safe because we are consistently there for them. Day in and day out. Our paychecks keep coming as long as we consistently show up for work day in and day out…. even laundry is consistent 😉

We build TRUST and we connect, when we consistently engage with the people in our lives.

That is why consistency is good for MARKETING, for building and sustaining a marriage, for raising our children, for taking care of our bodies and for everything in life. 10 minutes of walking every day yield better results than 5 miles once a month.

So what stops us from being CONSISTENT in our lives? 

The key to CONSISTENCY is that it needs to be sustainable. Meaning, whatever you do, you need to do it day in and day out, otherwise, it doesn’t stick. When we are not being authentic or doing the things we naturally love to do, CONSISTENCY is very hard to maintain, sometimes impossible.

Take the example of exercise. If you hate going to the gym, it’s very difficult to make it there consistently every week; willpower only takes you so far. So, you know you need to exercise, what about finding something that you actually love to do? Playing basketball in your driveway? Walking the dog? Dancing in your kitchen? Working out with a friend? Whatever it is, as long as you can design it in a way that you love, it will be easier to be consistent.

So here’s the formula:


I could reach out to you,  in other ways, but I LOVE to write. Writing is my way of expressing my thoughts and sharing what I have to offer. So I choose something I LOVE as the vehicle to CONSISTENTLY communicate with you.

Here’s for you to work on:

  • What area of your life could benefit with some CONSISTENT action? Is it your health? Your personal relationships? Your business? Identify one.
  • Look at this area, what action, if taken consistently would make a difference?
  • How does that action relate to what you naturally love to do?

Do you need help getting CLEAR on which area you should tackle first? Check out my 5 STEPS TO CLARITY online program, and just for you,  you can SAVE $100 if you purchase it today.

Email me, I’m always happy to hear what you are working on.

Take care & keep moving forwards,

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