Are you engaging with your audiences at every opportunity?

Are you engaging with your audiences at every opportunity?

Are you engaging with your audiences at every opportunity?


So, are you being a flight attendant? Are there areas, in your business, where you are “delivering” information in a dry, unengaged way? Here are three things to consider:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE: Always acknowledge your audience. Make them feel that you are seeing them, that you are talking to them. As a flight attendant, they could use the opportunity to point out some of the passengers, the destination they are heading to or something that would make the audience pay attention right before they deliver the “MUST HAVE” safety message. So can you.
  • AUTHENTICITY: Who are you? Who is your organization? Each of us, whether we are operating as a one man show or a multiple people organization, need to showcase our authenticity to our audience in order to gain their trust and help them engage in our IDEAS.

  • STAND OUT: Don’t be afraid to STAND OUT. Don’t hesitate to be different, at the end of the day, you have to give your audience a reason to listen to you vs someone with the same message/product/IDEA/Value proposition. StandOutTheTEDWay 1.png

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Dolores Hirschmann is an internationally recognized strategist, Clarity coach, TEDxOrganizer, Speaker & Author. She has over 20 years experience helping entrepreneurs, companies & organizations realize their potential—by guiding them to CLARITY—to define their CORE IDEA, message and market strategy needed to reach their next level of growth. As a Speaker Coach Dolores guides speakers to go from successful professionals to thought leaders in their field. If you would like to learn more visit: or download her free resource “STAND OUT THE TED WAY”
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