How Do You FEEL?

How Do You FEEL?

A conversation with Deirdre Breckenridge

I’m so excited to share with you this episode of CLARITY TV.

In this episode my client and friend eirdre Breakenridge, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host & Communications Strategist, CEO of Pure Performance Communications shares  with us her journey to empower people on their path to better communication and relationship-building in both their careers and personal lives.  She shares how her FEEL model came about and how something that devasted her family is now blooming into a movement for helping people communicate with FEEL. 


We began our conversation by getting vulnerable about a deep loss in Deirdre’s life and how that influenced her work and inspired her FEEL model, which helps people find the best way to communicate, both internally and externally to reach others. The FEEL model is: 


F – Face Fears
E – Engage with Empathy

E – Use Ethics and Good Judgment

L – Unleash the Love


Deirdre talks about the power of vulnerability, connection, and the value of doing the inside work to be a modern communicator and grow your audience. Creating content as an influencer and leader involves being proactive in your sharing and listening for the needs of the people that you serve. She believes that when we do that work internally as well as in our businesses, we are able to best align with our true potential. 


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Deirdre’s suggested reading: You Are the Placebo by Dr Joe Dispenza

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