Stop reading the news every 5 minutes.

Stop counting how many people are infected or dead.

Stop trying to be hyperproductive.

Stop being resistant to what is going on.

Stop praying that everything goes back to the way it was. 

Stop buying toilet paper… might be a bit late for that request though 😉



Start turning off the internet and read a book.

Start having candlelight dinners, even if you are dining alone.

Start something new. Excercise, sign up for a new class, learn something new.

Start showing up with your gifts. Whatever you know how to do, do more of that.

Start creating the new tomorrow.


COVID-19 will enable us to REDESIGN the way we work and the way we live.


Here is one way my son’s school is redesigning the way they gather and learn together:

Bishop Stang Virtual Chorus: Happy Together from Bishop Stang High School on Vimeo.

  • What is possible if you lean into this new way of living? 
  • How can you redesign your business?
  • What problems can you solve?
  • How can you help?


Let me know or email me


Stay Healthy!

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