Are you Brave by Choice or Brave by Survival? To be brave by CHOICE is far harder!

Are you Brave by Choice or Brave by Survival? To be brave by CHOICE is far harder!

A conversation with Jena Rodriguez

How do you get your BRAVE on?  How do you make the decision to be brave?


In this episode of Clarity TV, Jena Rodriguez of BraveMasters challenges us to push ourselves to take action and stop staying comfortable in inaction.  She is on a committed mission to eradicate unrealized human potential! Jena gives tips on how to build relationships, a strategy to help you get past the “I don’t know how” syndrome and find your Brave!


She invites us to Think it – Declare it – Commit to It!

During our interview, Jena and I talked about a whole lot of things, but one of them is the concept of being a “VICTIM”. Are you a victim of circumstances and feel stuck?  Jena recommends these tips to help you get UNstuck:


  • Live more consciously aware
  • Be willing to be uncomfortable
  • Be willing to make tough choices, even in the hardest moments


Entrepreneurship is an example of full potential — you can decide what you’re worth, how you serve, and how you help!


In 2012, Jena left her storefront business and went into business with her husband. In 2013, she decided to go bigger and be a speaker. She made a decision to be brave and stop holding herself back. She began by committing and then taking action. By speaking in public, she increased her income by 65% in that first year.  Being visible brought her amazing results!


So go ahead, Think it – Declare it – Commit to It!


…and don’t forget, to be BRAVE 🙂





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