How to build relationships with your market and grow your business.

How to build relationships with your market and grow your business.

How to build relationships with your market and grow your business

Do you trust me?

Your answer is probably…


I’m not sure?

I don’t know enough about you yet.

Or simply NO, I don’t trust you. Why would I? I don’t know you.

I believe that in life and in business TRUST is at the core of any human interaction and is the KEY INGREDIENT to building a relationship.

That is why, as a business owner, I see my job as a relationship builder.

It’s the reason why I practice and teach TRUST FUNNELS.

The key ingredient to building relationships is to plant and grow TRUST. So let me break down for you how the Trust Funnel is a process to plant and grow TRUST with your audience:

Trust Funnel

TRUST FUNNELS is based on understanding that TRUST-BASED interaction happens when your brand connects with your market.

So let’s break it down:

  1. PHASE 1 — ATTRACT: This is all about being omnipresent with a cohesive and consistent message. How do you sprinkle your “magic”, your “message” so that people find you?
  2. PHASE 2 — NURTURE: OK, so you just got your first “sale”. You have people who have subscribed to your list, downloaded a free resource, joined your online group or liked your page or profile. They just “converted” and PAID. Not with money (dollars, euros, pesos), but with another currency. The currency of TRUST. They know enough about you to trust what you are offering and want more. How do you deepen that conversation?
  3. PHASE 3 — CLOSE: During this phase, the currency changes or we could say that we add a new level to the currency. Now the market is not just paying with TRUST but they are purchasing with real money. They are “purchasing” something from you. How do you design that first offer so that it is consistent with the level of trust you’ve built?
  4. PHASE 4 — RETAIN: You’ve earned your client’s trust and they are investing in your company. They trust YOU with their NEEDS. How do you ensure that you become their GO-TO resource for solving their needs (future and present)?

On either side of ANY TRANSACTION in business, there is a human being. How do you “see” that human being and build a trust-based relationship with them?

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