Is your inner child running your life? A Clarity TV Interview with Mercedes Guzman

Is your inner child running your life? A Clarity TV Interview with Mercedes Guzman

A conversation with Mercedes Guzman

We had the honor of interviewing Mercedes Guzman, the creator of ICLP, a powerful technique to reconnect and heal your inner child.  She encourages us to consider the powerful process of self-exploration to find your inner child as the key to finding true emotional freedom. 

Mercedes guides her clients to unlock unconscious patterns that were established in childhood. She posits that these patterns are responsible for those areas in our lives where we feel stuck, repeating our mistakes. 

The programming we received as children results in we we think of as ‘our inner child’. Even though this programming seems hardwired into us, we have the ability to change it! 

As adults, we judge ourselves when we repeat the same mistakes over. However, when we take on the tasks such as identifying where our beliefs come from, we can begin breaking the chains of our childhood programming.  

She asks us instead, how can we become the parent our inner child?  Mercedes believes that we can heal our inner child and change our stories! This work begins by looking inside to see what needs to be adjusted and healed.  Mercedes shares her story of growing up in a country ravaged by war, of being abused as a child, and of how that affected her as an adult. However, these things no longer define her today. She has changed her inner narrative and able to heal as she moves forward into new possibilities! 

Mercedes shares that we can create success, healthy relationships with others and ourselves, feelings of love, and financial abundance. By doing this work and allowing our adult selves to run our own show, we are free from the influences that molded us as a child. Breaking the patterns of self sabotage brings the abundance and happiness that we seek!


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