The Anatomy of a TED Talk: Fabienne Fredrickson’s “Activating Your Potential for Greatness”

The Anatomy of a TED Talk: Fabienne Fredrickson’s “Activating Your Potential for Greatness”

The Anatomy of a TED Talk - Fabienne Fredrickson

What would you do if you could not fail? Fabienne Fredrickson tells us!

Welcome back to our Anatomy of a Ted Talk Series! In this talk, Fabienne Fredrickson, inspirational mentor and founder of The Client Attraction Business School™ and Boldheart shares with us that the potential for greatness is a choice.  

Fabienne Fredrickson

Activating Your Potential for Greatness | Fabienne Fredrickson | TEDxNewBedford

A while back, I introduced you to the FRAMEWORK we use with our clients to create their talks. It breaks down the presentation into different key elements that contribute to an overall great talk. This is NOT A FORMULA –  it’s a simple framework– the box which holds the sand– so that you can create your unique, authentic talk!

This framework has helped people write TED-style talks, keynote speeches, 5-minute pitches as well as full day-long workshops. It can be adapted to the context of your presentation while guiding you to cover the most important elements for effectively connecting with your audience.

Master In Clarity's 7 Steps to Write Your Talk

Master In Clarity 7 Steps to Write Your Talk


I actually happened to have coached Fabienne Fredrickson with this same framework, as she was a speaker at TEDxNewBedford, the event I organized and curated.

So let’s take a look at how Fabienne Fredrickson’s powerful talk lines up with the framework!



Fabienne Fredrickson opens her talk with a thought-provoking question!

MINUTE 00:18  What if everything in your life up to now has not been random? What if, in fact, everything – the good and the not-so-good – has gone exactly according to plan?


MINUTE 03:57Because within us, each and every one of us, is the potential for greatness. I believe that in every single person in this room and, in fact, every single person out there in the world, that we have within us the unique brilliance, the unique talent to fill a very specific need in the world. Not just me, not just you, but every single person.” 

MINUTE 07:06 And so I want you to start thinking, from this day forward, that you are actually equipped for great creation. 

MINUTE 07:51So the question for you today is “What would I attempt if I could not fail?” If I had the opportunity to make this world a better place in only the way that I can make it a better place, what would I attempt? That is the question that I’d like you to think about now and in the times to come.”

MINUTE 08:21You see, activating your potential for greatness is a choice.”


Fabienne skips a formal introduction and instead tells the audience about how her life’s work has brought her to believe in what she wants to share today.

MINUTE 02:22  “Well, I have long believed, based on my own journey and working at this point, for the last 15 years with tens of thousands of people, I have long believed that we are each given certain talents and unique abilities and skills and inclinations and the way that we are wired, perhaps skills that we take for granted.”


MINUTE 07:19 And the truth is that you are wired for greatness, much like the acorn, you are wired to create great things. But if you understand the role of metaphysics, and the role of quantum physics and quantum mechanics, you will also understand that anything you put your focus on repeatedly and with emotion will manifest itself. Greatness is within you.

MINUTE 04:38  “Socrates spoke of this in terms of entelechy. And entelechy meaning the potentiality that is within every living thing, within you, within every aspect of nature. In fact, the potentiality of the acorn is to become a great oak tree.

MINUTE 06:46  “You see, the apple does not fall far from the tree, and cats don’t make dogs, and orange trees don’t produce figs. And so I want you to start thinking, from this day forward, that you are actually equipped for great creation. Anything that you set your mind to and believe, you can actually create because you are a child of source.”  

MINUTE 08:59 And so in the same way, you, your greatness must first be activated. And what I’d like to share with you are eight steps to begin activating your potential for greatness should you want to live a life of meaning and fulfillment.

Fabienne goes on to list and describe the 8 steps she proposes to meet your potential and achieve greatness. 


MINUTE 00:00And what I’ve learned about people who create great things in the world is that they never do it alone. There is always some form of divine guidance at play.”

MINUTE 00:00Those are the eight activators that begin to move you into your potential for greatness. You see, you were born with a purpose, on purpose, for a purpose. And the way to achieve that purpose is to activate the great oak that is within you.


MINUTE 16:43Choose wisely. Believe in your potential. There is a reason why you are here. There is a reason why you were given these gifts – not to hoard, not to hide. All of those experiences, all of the trauma that you may have experienced, all of it was for a reason. You have been shaped for greatness. And so it is a choice, and you have free will.


MINUTE 17:18  “Now, between living a vanilla life, as I call it, a mediocre existence, and one in which you feel alive and on purpose and you live a life of meaning and fulfillment everyday knowing that because you were here, other people’s lives are different, that is truly magnificent.”

MINUTE 17:40 “In fact, you are magnificent, and I urge you to embrace your magnificence. Do so knowing that the world will never be the same since you walked this earth.”

Check out more about Fabienne Fredrickson and Boldheart HERE!

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