Clarity TV: What is at the center of your CORE? An Interview with Dr. Anne Arvizu

Clarity TV: What is at the center of your CORE? An Interview with Dr. Anne Arvizu

Anne Arvizu

We had the honor of interviewing Dr. Anne Arvizu, the CEO & Founder of RxER Communications, and the creator of Corecentryx® framework for executive and business coaching.  She encourages us to define what is at the CORE of our life and what centers us.


In this conversation, Anne and I chatted about how you have to move and be adept at change when you are an executive and even more so as an entrepreneur. Corporate leaders are so often burned out due to the large amount of stress and competitiveness that exists in high-level companies. Always worrying about showing your worth to senior staff and even to your own team. 

Right now, corporate America is like shifting sand. And knowing when the exhaustion has peaked and developing a strong exit strategy is vital. Especially for what Dr. Arvizu calls her COREPRENEUR.

What is a COREPRENEUR? A corepreneur is a Centered, Open, Resilient and Energized entra- or intrapreneur. 

Answering the question – What is that thing that centers you? Knowing that you have a core set of beliefs to hold onto allows you to be strong from the inside out.

We are Body, Mind and Spirit individuals. We tend to think of all the reasons why we can’t accomplish our idea, our goals. Why? Because we let one of those pieces hold us back.

Learning that even though we want to wrap everything up and fit it into a box when you have the strength to let go, your idea and your purpose can grow exponentially.

Final Thoughts from Dr. Arvizu:

“If you think about HOW to do it, you’ll fail.

If you think about WHY you do it, you’ll succeed.”

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Dr. Anne Arvizu’s suggested reading: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

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