What is Your Minimum Viable Marketing Plan (MVMP)?

What is Your Minimum Viable Marketing Plan (MVMP)?

What is Your Minimum Viable Marketing Plan MVMP

Do you have a minimum viable marketing plan?

Are you a best-kept secret?

Do you need more clients?

Do you get raving reviews from clients and they send you referrals?

So, why is it that you are still dancing in a cashflow storm? 

Fast & Famine… lots of business this month, but none the next?

Well, my friend, it sounds like you are letting MARKETING happen vs. leading your MARKETING strategy.

And if the simple word MARKETING makes your skin crawl…

(I actually had that conversation with my mum and she reacted as if it were a DIRTY word!)

Then listen up:

Yes, MARKETING is the simple act of letting the world know you exist. No marketing, no business. Period.  To find you Minimum Viable Marketing Plan, finding what works for you as an individual is paramount.

Just as a nutritionist will help you find a food plan that is aligned with your BODY and what it needs, there is NO ONE WAY to let the world you exist. There are MANY different ways to do so, therefore let’s find a way that aligns with WHO YOU ARE. 

Just like ALE B. found her way, you can as well by following these 3 simple steps to find your Minimum Viable Marketing Plan:

  1. EXPLORE: Ask yourself these questions: What do I love to do with people? What is my preferred way of connecting with people? Is it by being in front of large crowds? Having one-on-one conversations with people over coffee? Going out for dinner with friends? Cooking and hosting? Dancing? Singing? Find out your ideal social setting.
  2. WHO DO YOU SERVE? Ask yourself, who is the “perfect” client for the service and product you sell? What gender? What do they read? Which social media platforms do they use? What do they worry about? Did they go to college? Graduate school? Are they single? Married? Parents? How old are they? The more details the better!
  3. WHERE DO “YOUR PEOPLE” HANG OUT? Make a list of all the social places where “your people” might show up, both virtually and in person. Coffee shops? Museums? Networking events? What kinds? Social parties? Fundraisers? Conferences? Other events? Which social media platforms do they interact in? 


Now let’s put all this together.


How can you show up, the way you love most, in the spaces that “your people” hang out? The video tells you the story of how I helped ALE B. do it. If you want us to help you figure out, simply schedule a CLARITY CALL


In Clarity,





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Dolores Hirschmann is an internationally recognized strategist, Clarity coach, TEDxOrganizer, Speaker & Author. She has over 20 years experience helping entrepreneurs, companies & organizations realize their potential—by guiding them to CLARITY—to define their CORE IDEA, message and market strategy needed to reach their next level of growth. As a Speaker Coach Dolores guides speakers to go from successful professionals to thought leaders in their field. If you would like to learn more visit: www.mastersinclarity.com or download her free resource “STAND OUT THE TED WAY”
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