What would you do for FREE all day long?

What would you do for FREE all day long?

What would you do for FREE all day long?

Living your life in your purpose, doing what you were designed to do, being in your SWEET spot is our ultimate goal– as long as it is something the world needs and is willing to pay for!

Otherwise, we find ourselves trying to give to the world something they can’t receive. (Think about trying to sell sand in the desert or hot chocolate in the middle of a warm and humid summer.)  No demand, no customers!

Now the work here is NOT to change what you love to do– but to align it to a need in our world. Sometimes it is only a matter of better “defining” the world. Yes, it’s hard to sell sand in a desert– but selling sand in a growing city is done every day!

So how do you find your SWEET spot?

Whether you are in business for yourself or working in a company– finding your sweet spot and aligning it with the needs of the market is the fastest path to professional fulfillment and financial growth.



Answer the following questions:

  • What would you do for FREE all day long without getting tired?

  • What have you been trained to do or have experience doing? (Education + Experience)

  • Within this space of work you’ve been trained to do and the work, you would do for FREE all day long– what examples are there of needs in the world that can be solved with these skills? Name a few job positions or businesses that are currently fulfilling this need to some extent.

  • So, what would the world PAY to sooth this need? Do some research, find out who and how this need is solved and how much they are getting paid for getting the job done.

 Answering these questions will help you bring CLARITY around the “job”!


The next steps would be to further define both the “job” and the “audience/market”– but that is a topic for another day!

If you answer these questions and still are not exactly sure what is the work you are designed to do, then don’t hesitate to send me your questions and thoughts.  I always LOVE hearing from you!






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Dolores Hirschmann is an internationally recognized strategist, Clarity coach, TEDxOrganizer, Speaker & Author. She has over 20 years experience helping entrepreneurs, companies & organizations realize their potential—by guiding them to CLARITY—to define their CORE IDEA, message and market strategy needed to reach their next level of growth. As a Speaker Coach Dolores guides speakers to go from successful professionals to thought leaders in their field. If you would like to learn more visit: www.mastersinclarity.com or download her free resource “STAND OUT THE TED WAY”
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