A conversation with Tracey Grove

When was the last time you reacted (not as your best version) to a situation in front of you? Was it last month? Two minutes ago?

On today’s episode of CLARITY TV, we sat down with Tracey Grove of Pure Symmetry to discuss how people can build resilience, not only in trauma, but in everyday life. Resilience allows us to pause and evaluate a situation and bring our best version forward. Listen to our interview:

After a traumatic experience in her home country of South Africa, Tracey was inspired to help people become resilient. The journey led her to help business leaders help their employees become resilient. Tracey defines being resilient as the ability to anticipate that you will have stressors in your life, but knowing how to navigate the human side of change. It’s a journey, she says, and a practice. By cultivating resilience, you are cultivating courage and the ability to move through fear.

In today’s modern market, leaders need to inspire and motivate their employees.

How do you, as a leader, bring a sense of purpose and belonging to an organization?

Building a platform based on authenticity and humility enables leaders to move forward with the people they lead.  

Tracey talks about embracing Epic Failure. By not succeeding, you’re learning!  

  • What can you do better next time?  
  • How do you avoid that problem in the future?
  • What mistakes did you make the first time around?  

It can be a painful process, however, coming together and learning helps you move forward as a better and wiser team.

Resiliency is a muscle and it needs to be used often!  How do YOU practice RESILIENCY in your life and in your workplace?

Find more information about being resilient and Tracey herself at or pre-order her book “Taming the sabertooth”


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