How Do You Meet Your AUDIENCE Where They Are
So how can YOU prepare to MEET your audience where they are?  Remember–an “audience” can be one person or thousands of people. It can be your child, your partner,  a colleague, or a room packed with people gathered to hear you speak. Here are three of my strategies for you, to really ENGAGE with your
what is your cornerstone idea


Last Friday I spent a whole day with a group of IDEApreneuers working on their TEDx talks. I am PASSIONATE about Ideas, Entrepreneurship and the PROCESS of Clarifying, Strategizing and helping businesses have a larger impact in the world. I love helping my clients CLARIFY their CORNERSTONE IDEA and prepare the TALK OF THEIR LIVES! 
How do you make people feel?

How do you make people feel?

Let’s explore how YOU make people feel. DARE TO ASK: Reach out to clients, colleagues, friends and family. (Maybe have a survey at one of your speaking engagements.) Ask people who have EXPERIENCED YOU the following questions: What ONE word would you choose to describe me? How would you describe our interactions/conversations? Our work together?
What if work was fun and easy

What if work was fun & easy?

So let’s try it. Let’s find your FLOW: WHAT FLOWS? On a piece of paper write down all the activities that you enjoy doing… write them all, even if some of them you think might not apply to your business… heck I was “arranging flowers” as I recorded this video… everything goes! THE MATCHING GAME: With
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Is your message anchored on aclear IDEA
Is your message anchored on a clear IDEA?
It’s MAY here in New England and I’m loving the longer days and the signs of spring all around us! This past weekend my husband and I were working on our garden– covered in dirt and with big smiles on our faces. We were creating something we will enjoy all summer long–we are even building
Are you confusing you Audience

Are you confusing your audience?

Some time ago I was asked to be a judge for a StartUp Weekend event. A Startup Weekend is a fast-paced, (two and a half days) where teams come together and spend 54 hours mapping out a business idea– well enough to present it to a panel of judges by the end of day Sunday.
why consistency is good for business
I want to tell you a little bit about CONSISTENCY.  This week, as I was planning to write to you as I do every other Thursday, I was trying to come up with a topic. I thought and thought and nothing really came up, but my “inner boss”; that voice that does not let me get
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Moving from fear to hope

Moving from FEAR to HOPE

Are you acting from a place of FEAR or HOPE? Let’s shift from a place of FEAR to a place of HOPE:  CHECK IN: Get really CLEAR on where you are coming from. Is the conversation in your head one that triggers anxiety, anger, worry? WHAT IS THE LANGUAGE OF FEAR? Write it down. If
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How can clarity affect your sales process
What if I were to tell you that less is more? What if removing the noise of “explaining” what you do and lead your prospects through your unique offerings in a consistent, straightforward way, can result in exponential growth? So let’s get you some CLARITY:  WHAT IS YOUR CORNERSTONE IDEA/SOLUTION: Get really CLEAR on what you
My Go-To TECH Tools to Leverage my time!
As a strategist, coach and speaker,  I strive to spend 80% of my time doing what I love to do the most– working directly with my clients– either in private one-on-one meetings, group coaching or speaking. This means I’m always looking for ways to systematize and automate ” admin” work which does not require my
What would you do for FREE all day long?
Living your life in your purpose, doing what you were designed to do, being in your SWEET spot is our ultimate goal– as long as it is something the world needs and is willing to pay for! Otherwise, we find ourselves trying to give to the world something they can’t receive. (Think about trying to sell sand
A Ski Lesson for your business


Today I was coaching a client whose business is starting to SERIOUSLY take off. Her marketing is clicking, her leveraged business model is starting to work out and everything is speeding up… just like she dreamed! She never expected that she would freak out when she accomplished her goals and realizing her business dreams, and
How committed are you?

How committed are you?

So let's review, how do we know if we are committed?
In search for clarity

In search for CLARITY…

Have you ever heard the expression: “The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot”? As a coach that specializes in helping my clients find the CLARITY of message, purpose and plan they need to move their life, career and business forward I’ve struggled for the last couple of years trying to find my UNIQUE message. Funny right?
Can you really make money doing what you love
My friend Helen Vandenberghe is hosting The Purpose Passion & Profit Summit to answer this very question! She’s interviewed over 30 leading experts in growing a transformational business (including me!) and we’re spilling the beans on the exact techniques we use to create & grow meaningful, mission-driven businesses. In the online conference, you’ll discover: How to
The truth about procrastination

The truth about procrastination…

Procrastination happens when we have conflicting emotions concerning a task. Even if the task will ultimately lead to the desired outcome when it requires that we push ourselves or move away from our comfort zone our own nature is likely to resist it. These days I’ve been paying attention to the tasks I leave for
Do you trust?

Do you trust?

Trusting is a key characteristic of a successful entrepreneur. Why?
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What are you tolerating

What are you tolerating?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s officially 2017 and we are finishing the first week of the year. Now before we continue “as we were” let me bring up the “New Year Resolutions” theme one more time. But this time I want to ask you: What are you tolerating? Make A List: Go ahead, make a list