Why Doing Laundry Is Good for Business
  Productivity is CRUCIAL for business. But productivity doesn’t mean that if we work more efficiently, if we make the most of every minute of our day, then we can pack even more into each day. We suffer when we focus ONLY on productivity and we forget to make space for being. Space for recharging,
What The Fortresses of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico Made Me Realize
Many times we are not even aware that we are living in a fortress… actually, we masquerade our fear so well that it looks like a castle. Our conversations are full of compliments, niceties, side conversation, even chit chat… we think we are being polite, but what we are actually doing is avoiding an honest,
How To Align Fun With Work

How To Align Fun With Work

Do you, like me, have the belief that if you are having too much fun you can not call it work? I held that belief for a long time, and to some extent, it stopped me from growing, from expanding and from showing up truly for who I was. So if you have yet to
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Secrets to Making Decisions Without all the Answers
So, as an entrepreneur or a professional for that matter, how do you navigate uneven ground? Every single day, we are making decisions with only half of the information. Like a car driving through the night, we can only see as far as the headlights will show and the rest we are trusting maps (GPS),
The domino effect to growing your business
I’m not recording a video right now… because I’m sitting under a hair dryer at the salon. Yes, I take my work wherever I go and where better to do some creative writing than while my head is getting pampered 😉 But that’s not the point of this email. This week, as I ease my way
Stop being everything for everyone
Just as an inside note, my father was soooo embarrassed to appear on my video 😉 and I almost did get run over so don’t try that at home! But, let’s get back in topic. Are you playing SMALL enough? Are you CLEAR on your niche and who you want to work with? The larger
Are you sharing your song?

Are you sharing your song?

So, what song do you carry inside? At every moment, every day, we are having an impact on the people around us, what do you want this impact to be? Let’s design it: ANCHOR IN POSSIBILITY: Every day we have a choice, we can focus on what’s possible or we can focus on what’s wrong. Each one of us can find
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Are you engaging with your audiences at every opportunity?
TURN UP THE VOLUME AS I’M WHISPERING So, are you being a flight attendant? Are there areas, in your business, where you are “delivering” information in a dry, unengaged way? Here are three things to consider: ACKNOWLEDGE: Always acknowledge your audience. Make them feel that you are seeing them, that you are talking to them. As
Are you Invisible?

Are you Invisible?

Yes, I see this all the time. I get clients to come to me because they have almost given up trying. They have a calling, they have a desire to do meaningful work, but they can’t figure out how to STAND OUT. How to be seen, engage with their potential clients and ultimately grow their
Where do you begin?

Where do you begin?

Where do YOU begin? How do we break down that overwhelming goal? “The Journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu Here’s how you,  can take that first step, that MVA (Minimum Viable Action/Decision/Step/Project): VISION: Define the outcome. When you succeed, when you accomplish the goal, what does that look like? Describe it
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The emptiness inside

The emptiness inside…

Have you, ever felt the emptiness too? If so, here are three things you can do about it: ALLOW: Buying another outfit, building a new home, buying a new car, a new trip, even working longer hours to grow your business will not make the feeling go away. The first step is to lean back and allow
I’ve been hiding

I’ve been hiding…

Are you hiding? If you are like me, you might be suffering from the “hiding” syndrome I’ve suffered from all winter. This feeling of “I’m not ready”, “I’m confused”, “If I don’t have all the answers I won’t take action”,,,, Someone recently said to me that the “I’m not CLEAR or I’m confused” excuse is
Can money buy success?

Can money buy success?

Where did you go to school?   What did you study? When was the last time you had to answer these questions? How relevant are those decisions in the life you lead today? They might be critical or they might not. This week I’ve been touring colleges here in the US for my son, who
At the end of the day….. what is your work all about?
Let me tell you about something that happened FOR me this morning. This week I’ve been feeling off. Tired, overwhelmed, self-doubt all mixed together. This morning, I wake up and I decide to stop by the pharmacy on my way back from dropping off the kids at school. Now, my husband offered to run the
Why having a full practice is BAD for business
So, let’s review. What does working ON your business look like? 60% FULL: Once you fill up your practice to about 60% you want to declare yourself FULL and have your customers be added to a waiting list. This means no more than 60% of your workday can be full of client engagements. If you work 8
3 Models to Monetize your idea for impact
Are you sitting on a gold mine? Have you ever thought of monetizing your services by turning them into products? Growing a service-based business requires that we move away from reinventing the wheel with every client and we begin to look for the “common denominator” solutions we can offer our market, but in order to do that,
How much revenue will you generate this month
Let’s review the three layers of CLARITY your business needs to ensure consistent cash flow: CLARITY OF UVP: What outcomes do your clients receive from your services? What exactly do they solve? CLARITY OF PROCESS: Where are YOU needed to deliver results and where can you be removed? What part of your services can be
Can you make money doing what you love

Can you make money doing what you love?

So, where can you find these people that, like me, would do their job for FREE? You can find us everywhere, we are Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Executives in companies that foster this kind of work culture. If you think about it they are authors, TED speakers and people that are out there, standing up for the