The Secret to Business Success: An Interview with Dana Wilde

The Secret to Business Success: An Interview with Dana Wilde

A conversation with Dana Wilde

What is the secret to business success? On today’s episode of CLARITY TV, we sat down with Dana Wilde, brilliant author of “Train Your Brain” and host of “The Mind Aware” podcast.

Dana tells how she went from 0 to 60,000 people on her email list and a million dollars worth of business in the first two years of business!

Her mantra is “I can figure this out.”  She believes that most of us are doing things doable or ‘figure-outable,’ and that the blocks we put up are mental. The power of positive expectation is invaluable to business success!

Creating a certain state of mind is possible!  Dana reminds us to be proactive thinkers in our head! Thinking positive and intentional thoughts gets us into the flow and we can better take more intentional action.  It’s an emotional ROI! What you focus on, grows!

“Action is not the way to build a business” is a famous saying that you may hear from Dana, she contends that action is not the common denominator of successful people, it’s actually their mindset.  

Dana shares some awesome tips for entrepreneurs to leverage their thoughts to take their businesses to the next level!

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