Where do you begin?

Where do you begin?

Where do you begin?

Where do YOU begin?

How do we break down that overwhelming goal?

“The Journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu

Here’s how you,  can take that first step, that MVA (Minimum Viable Action/Decision/Step/Project):

VISION: Define the outcome. When you succeed, when you accomplish the goal, what does that look like? Describe it in as much detail as you can.
TAKE INVENTORY: Look around, what is at your reach? What resources do you have? Financial resources, network, support, tools, inventory, skills? What do you have, at your fingertips, that you can tap into and begin taking action.
DEFINE ACTION: With a clear vision and knowing what you can count on, what is the most logical, doable, reachable and actionable first step? Trust me, it might seem silly, small, or simple, but if it is something you can take action on, then do it. You will be surprised how something that seems VERY small might unlock a world of possibilities.

You might not know this, but at Masters in Clarity, we gather as a community, taking baby steps day after day, week after week, and our community members are building companies, fulfilling dreams and making magic in the world.

Would you like to learn more? Here’s an invitation for you:

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Dolores Hirschmann is an internationally recognized strategist, Clarity coach, TEDxOrganizer, Speaker & Author. She has over 20 years experience helping entrepreneurs, companies & organizations realize their potential—by guiding them to CLARITY—to define their CORE IDEA, message and market strategy needed to reach their next level of growth. As a Speaker Coach Dolores guides speakers to go from successful professionals to thought leaders in their field. If you would like to learn more visit: www.mastersinclarity.com or download her free resource “STAND OUT THE TED WAY”
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