The Anatomy of a TED Talk - Eve Perlman's
Eve Pearlman demonstrates how to move an audience in UNDER 10 minutes! A while back, I introduced you to the  FRAMEWORK that I created, which my clients use to create their Talks. It breaks down the presentation into different key elements that contribute to an overall great talk. This is NOT A FORMULA – nor
How Confusion is Keeping You Small
Hands sweating, dreading the moment I stand up and introduce myself to a networking group. It is my turn. Have you ever experienced that? I have — way too many times to keep count. Each time, I would rehearse my lines and repeat my “what you do” statement only to second guess myself the moment
3 Ways to Find Clients

3 Ways to Find Clients

I love when I finish a presentation and then I get to hang out with the audience in the room. Yesterday was one of those days. I finished my talk and within minutes, I was surrounded by participants wanting to share their insights, their thoughts and express their appreciation for my work. That makes me
The Anatomy of a TED Talk - Robert Waldinger
In Robert Waldinger’s talk, “What Makes a Good Life: Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness,” he shows us how even a short talk can be effective.   A while back, I introduced you to the FRAMEWORK that I created, which my clients use to create their Talks. It breaks down the presentation into different
A conversation with Tracey Grove


When was the last time you reacted (not as your best version) to a situation in front of you? Was it last month? Two minutes ago? On today’s episode of CLARITY TV, we sat down with Tracey Grove of Pure Symmetry to discuss how people can build resilience, not only in trauma, but in everyday
5 Models to Monetize Your Talk

5 Models to Monetize Your Talk

You have your signature talk! Now what? Let me share with you 5 ways to monetize your talk… Congratulations!  You have been featured on some of the most coveted stages in the world. Perhaps it’s a TED, TEDx, 99U, SXSW or other prestigious events, and if you are a professional speaker, this exposure will only
The Anatomy of a TED Talk - Ray Dalio
Welcome back to our Anatomy of a TED Talk series! How do you know if  your idea or opinion is RIGHT?  Do you utilize collective decision making in your business?  Do radical truth and radical transparency really help a work environment? In this “Anatomy of a TED Talk,” we are exploring Ray Dalio’s talk, who
A conversation with Jena Rodriguez
How do you get your BRAVE on?  How do you make the decision to be brave?   In this episode of Clarity TV, Jena Rodriguez of BraveMasters challenges us to push ourselves to take action and stop staying comfortable in inaction.  She is on a committed mission to eradicate unrealized human potential! Jena gives tips
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3 Steps to Create Passive Income

3 Steps to Create Passive Income

Wouldn’t it be nice to work half of the time and make twice the money? Let me be clear. There is NOTHING PASSIVE about passive income… at least not for the client 😉 We make them do a lot of work… and we get them results. Translating your unique process, methodology or formula into the
The Anatomy of a TED Talk - Adam Grant
Do you consider yourself an Original Thinker?  Are you a procrastinator or a precrastinator (apparently, YES, that IS a thing!).   We are resurrecting our ANATOMY OF A GREAT TED TALK series and to start the New Year off right, we are going to find out what we can do to encourage our inner Original Thinker!
Getting out of Your Own Way

Getting out of Your Own Way

Do you feel like you are getting in YOUR OWN WAY? What about feeling that there are areas in your life that you keep coming back to the beginning, back where you started, even if you try SO HARD to move ahead? Mia Hewett knows all about this. She has spent her career studying and
3 Reasons why I became a ski instructor

3 Reasons why I became a ski instructor

Every year, I ask myself, what can I try out? How can I add some “adventure” to my life? This year I’m becoming a ski instructor. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do growing up, being part of the “it” group and wearing the cool jacket ;-).   But why did I do it? Here
3 Steps To Design The Life & Work You Love
What does your IDEAL work day look like? Could it look like a day at the beach? For years, I dreamed of doing the work that I do today and this week, I’m spending three days in Panama, working on the next 12 months plan for one of my dear clients. I flew in, especially
A conversation with Lisa Luckett

The Light in 9/11

Where were you when the twin towers got hit? Do you remember exactly where you were, what you were doing, what your plan was for that day? Lisa remembers that day very well. She had just dropped her older children at preschool and was getting her 4-month-old baby settled for a morning nap when the
How to Master Networking Events

How to Master Networking Events

Do you avoid networking events like the plague? Do you go to networking events only to eat more cheese than you should and come home with no new leads or opportunities? Do you hide in your room during breaks at conferences and events to avoid the whole thing?   As professionals (whether you are in
3 Steps to Stand out From Your Competition
Have you ever colored outside the lines? I know that I didn’t until well into my 40s. When I started my coaching practice, I wanted to help people get unstuck. After a while, I stopped loving it. I felt constrained. As an ICF certified coach, I was trained to guide clients to their CLARITY, their
3 Strategies to Go From Employed to Self-Employed
Are you facing the rest of your life? Have you recently been laid off, retired, or maybe even fired? The employment market has drastically changed in the last 10 years, especially for high level executives over 50 years old. Companies are hiring on a budget, and they are contracting out expertise. That means, that an
Clarity tv Dr Latarsha Holden

What is your Worst Nightmare?

Have you ever imagine your WORST CASE SCENARIO? As an entrepreneur, especially responsible for the financial well-being of our family, sometimes I let my mind go into “worst case scenario” mode. You know… when you play a horror movie after horror movie in your mind except that these feel real and you have no popcorn?
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