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Who is leading you?

I was honored to be featured on The Modern Manager Podcast with Mamie Kanfer Stewart a few weeks ago. As we sat down to discuss living leadership from the inside out we talked about how self-care and self-management make room for us to have the capacity to navigate the world while loading ourselves with commitments,
A conversation with Dr. Jane Tornatore
Do you love yourself?    As a self-professed anxious perfectionist, Dr. Jane Tornatore says that no baby enters the world with self-loathing. We LEARN as a result of trauma, abuse, or turmoil that we are flawed, unlovable or intrinsically bad, but we can change these harmful thoughts and the feelings that come with them. Oftentimes,
The Anatomy of a TED Talk - Fabienne Fredrickson
What would you do if you could not fail? Fabienne Fredrickson tells us! Welcome back to our Anatomy of a Ted Talk Series! In this talk, Fabienne Fredrickson, inspirational mentor and founder of The Client Attraction Business School™ and Boldheart shares with us that the potential for greatness is a choice.   A while back, I
7 Steps to write your talk


You just got selected to speak! Or perhaps you want to speak, but you are not sure where to start!  Well, in order to speak you need to first WRITE YOUR TALK. I’ve shown you before how great talks align with my framework and we can use that to help build your talk as well!
Are you a victim?

Are You A Victim?

Are you a victim? Yes, YOU, the successful executive, millionaire entrepreneur, renowned author, rock star, superwoman, hero man? Do you sometimes fall into the victim mentality? I know I sure do!  It’s In the details. In micro behaviors. Micro statements. Micro thoughts.  Here’s a pretty HONEST video about it for me. I’m not wearing makeup,
What is Your Minimum Viable Marketing Plan MVMP
Do you have a minimum viable marketing plan? Are you a best-kept secret? Do you need more clients? Do you get raving reviews from clients and they send you referrals? So, why is it that you are still dancing in a cashflow storm?  Fast & Famine… lots of business this month, but none the next?
A chicks Podcast - A conversation with Dolores Hirschmann
What do 4 Chicks talk about when they get together? Well, when I sat down with these particular 4 Chicks we cried, we laughed and we talked about CLARITY. The ladies referred to me as “the Marie Kondo of Clarity” — because of my ability to help entrepreneurs find clarity and purpose. Not sure I’m
The Anatomy of a TED Talk - Achenyo Idachaba
Welcome to our next installment of Anatomy of a Ted Talk! Can your biggest challenge become your biggest OPPORTUNITY? Can an IDEA  change a community? In this talk, green entrepreneur Achenyo Idachaba shares her story about changing the stories in her community. From stories of destruction to stories of creation. Achenyo recognized an opportunity in
A conversation with Mercedes Guzman
We had the honor of interviewing Mercedes Guzman, the creator of ICLP, a powerful technique to reconnect and heal your inner child.  She encourages us to consider the powerful process of self-exploration to find your inner child as the key to finding true emotional freedom.  Mercedes guides her clients to unlock unconscious patterns that were
Are you hiding behind your words
Are you hiding behind your words? Do you struggle to get your point across? Do you lose your audience in long explanations? Have you ever stepped off a stage and no one came up to you to learn more? You don’t have to continue hiding behind your words! Speaking isn’t easy, but there are some
The Anatomy of a TEDTalk - Sarah Lewiss Embrace the Near Win
Welcome back to our Anatomy of a Ted Talk Series! In this talk, art historian and critic Sarah Lewis’s TED talk “Embrace the Near Win”  encourges us to embrace the almost-failure, the near-win, in our lives and how they push us forward on our path to success.   A while back, I introduced you to the
Clarity and Purpose podcast
A few months ago I had the privilege to be featured in this interview by Srini Rao, host and founder of The Unmistakable Creative podcast. Srini has conducted over 600 interviews with thought leaders and people from all walks of life. He’s the author of 3 books and his work has been featured in the
A conversation with Galit Ventura Rozen
On today’s Clarity TV we ask, Do you BELIEVE YOU CAN?  How many times have you put your TRUST on someone else? A coach, an expert, a teacher, anyone other than yourself? On today’s episode of CLARITY TV, we sat down with Galit Rozen Ventura to discuss how believing in yourself is the one thing
3 STEPS to stop the crazy talk in your head
When faced with big decisions, do you ever hear crazy talk in your head? Have you ever said to yourself: “I can’t.” “What if I’m wrong?” “Maybe someone asked that question already?” How many times do we stop ourselves from raising our hand, speaking up in the meeting, not making the phone call, standing in
How I became a VOLVO superstar

How I became a VOLVO superstar

What if you could become the supermodel for a brand you love? What would it mean to be the STAR, the center of attention? In a recent event I attended in NYC, VOLVO understood the key to GREAT MARKETING. The SUPERSTAR is NOT THE PRODUCT! The SUPERSTAR is the client. Yes, I became a Volvo
The Anatomy of a TED Talk - Sheryl Sandberg
Welcome back to our Anatomy of a Ted Talk Series!  We love featuring these TED talks to help YOU on your way to designing your talk!  Sheryl Sandberg is the chief operating officer (COO) of Facebook and founder of In June 2012, she was elected to Facebook’s board of directors by the existing
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A conversation with Dana Wilde
What is the secret to business success? On today’s episode of CLARITY TV, we sat down with Dana Wilde, brilliant author of “Train Your Brain” and host of “The Mind Aware” podcast. Dana tells how she went from 0 to 60,000 people on her email list and a million dollars worth of business in the
What I Learned about Decision Making while Visiting Colleges with my Daughter
Decision making doesn’t always come easily to most of us. As you read this, I will be visiting yet another school with my daughter as she goes through her COLLEGE PILGRIMAGE to find the right school for her. This process has got me thinking, how do we make decisions? What happens when we have to